ITIS is a leader in the .NET technology. As one of the first in Poland we have implemented a system based on the latest versions of the .NET Framework.

Family of solutions based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, which we have implemented for our Clients includes: web-based platform to serve retail and corporate Customers, modules for import and export of data to back-end systems, modules to continue the policies, modules reporting integration with Partners through the service and many others.

When creating our solutions we keep the highest standards of work and procedures as well as the most modern tools available on the market today. Microsoft .NET Framework with the ecosystem of tools is extensive and comprehensive platform for architects, developers and testers.



SOA Architecture enables us to design solutions with business processes exposed in the cloud services.

This eliminates the complexity of the proposed solutions and focuses on the business needs of Customers. Under conditions of rapidly changing environment, not without significance is also "time to market" factor. 

Technologies and solutions used by ITIS enable them to respond to the needs of our Customers and which today is very important, do not constitute barriers to the implementation of business needs.



A modern company needs to be online with the information flow in real time.

Our agency portals increase sales opportunities and enable an innovative approach to many issues. The flow of information is done using the services available in the SOA. Solutions based on our web-platform provide continuous access to the necessary information for our Clients. In a convenient time and place.

The platform also operates offline. This is the version with full functionality, which allows you to work in the field and achieve additional cost savings associated with a reduction in the cost of Internet connections.

Modern tools created according to the needs of our Customers, support service at the highest level, allowing for the modernization of business processes within the enterprise. They also reduce operating costs by increasing sales in portal, which translates into a reduction in the amount of paper documentation.



We understand how important for our Customers is the quality of delivered solutions. That is why we have divided the implementation process into several stages, each of which ends with the approval of the person specializing in a particular field.

Our experts in the various departments are people with education code and at least 10 years of professional experience in the industry.

85% of our employees have a dedicated higher education, the remaining 15% can be  characterized as high qualified, resulting from many years of professional experience.

We are proud to inform that Microsoft awarded our company the title of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, confirming our highest competence as an Independent Software Vendor.



We understand how important for our Customers is to work with business Partners. Therefore, we do not create technological barriers, but we try to apply our technologies and proposed solutions coming out to meet all the expectations. 

We have experience in the integration of public institutions operating in Poland (UFG) and abroad (eg: Lithuania Motor Bureau). 

Our web-based platform and the individual modules guarantee friendly integration. This is evidenced not only by the documentation but also by examples of the use of our services in WCF technology.

Overcoming these constraints is an important factor in building relationships with our Partners. That is why in parallel with WCF services we are developing so-called “legacy” service.