Mobile solutions ensure operation with the Customer, and sales and service of policies at any time and place. It is the continuity of business processes regardless the circumstances.

Our applications move e-portal devices into mobile and are equipped with additional functions necessary to work nonstationary. Our authorial proposal is a scanner of AZTEC code that  makes handling of  insurance policy with a few clicks.

Below we present an example of the functionality of Mobile Insurance Solutions. Details are always tailored to fit the needs of our Customers.

  • AZTEC code scanner in a cell phone
    for instant access to customer data and mobile sales of a policy
  • Flexible approach to the sales process
    ability to enter data into a cell just to finish the process by stationary e-portal.
  • Built-in device to facilitate doing business
    such as GPS
  • Full functionality adapted to the needs of a particular business
    details are always agreed at a meeting with the Client
  • Applications available on all mobile systems: