ITIS Internet Solutions

According to recent studies, Polish consumers are gradually changing their buying habits for  the Internet as the second option.

This also applies to traditional products such as insurance ones.  Moreover, although most customers still prefer the usual forms of contact and this would be the major sales channel for years to follow, the online market is growing constantly also in the insurance industry.

Our company wants to provide you with the tools that will follow the trend and give the opportunity to develop the business. ITIS Internet Solutions is a package of  friendly options that  help your Customers make a choice in purchasing based on data provided by the Company.


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ITIS Internet Solutions

Raises the prestige of your business through web presence and the ability to reach the Customer with help of novelty and technological convenience.

ITIS Internet Solutions is a friendly tool in the shape of web portals that allows your Customers free navigation and buying decisions. Details of our solutions always are agreed with the Customer. The following presentation is thus an example of what our team can offer.

What can we offer?

  • A platform to compare products and flexible calculators
    That will help your Customers with purchasing decisions
  • Online issuance and purchase
    With full automation of the process. All documents are immediately transferred to the Settlement Centre and recorded in it.
  • Layout, typography and logos of Clients
    Which will provide you with full identification on the web. Our designs are in line with the latest trends.
  • The ability of putting any sales content 
    Such as photos, multimedia, interactive panel to contact or dedicated blog
  • Full management of selected data
    Such as the portfolio of employees, products and customers
  • Full responsiveness
    Our solutions are accessible to your Customers from all media: desktop, tablet and mobile.

ITIS Internet Solutions ITIS Internet Solutions


We provide our Clients full product training and after-sales service.

We invite you to contact us and meet with our experts.