Comprehensive support of business

ITIS Insurance Expert is an integrated platform, available from a PC, laptop and a cell phone, providing comprehensive services for Agents and Brokers without having to log in to different systems.

It is designed for daily operations of the client - making offers, policy issuing an all necessary settlements with the insurance company. It enables storage and current use of multidata about the products offered, including full support for policies and claims.

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Convenient tool

ITIS Insurance Expert is a handy tool with which an Agent may, within a few minutes, analyze Customers needs and prepare appropriate insurance product. The system builds even the most complex portfolios, allowing update Customers data in real time.

The platform also reminds of unpaid policies and expiring dates and provides comprehensive support for the claims process, appeals, collection and recourses.

The modular ITIS Insurance Expert can be implemented in full or in the area chosen by the Customer.

ITIS Insurance Expert is the original project of our company, in which we invest advanced technology and knowledge. The system is characterized by ergonomic solutions, aesthetic layout and intuitive operation. Our goal is to create a user-friendly software so that the advanced technology was used to streamline of work and improve profitability.


ITIS Insurance Expert is:

  • support of daily work of Agents and Brokers
  • fast and accurate definition of the product
  • shortening of processes of insurance
  • immediate communication of participants in these processes
  • full after-sales service
  • low implementation costs
  • full training for employees
  • lower operating costs of the company 
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ITIS Insurance Expert provides immediate insight into the work and results of the business network of sales employees. With the option to dispose of tasks and quick respond to the changing reality. In the form of dedicated messages displayed on the screen or via e-mail.
ITIS Insurance Expert is a comprehensive service of NonLife products in a single system, which supports the business processes of the following product groups:


  • motor insurance
  • life insurance and of risks
  • transport insurance
  • liability insurance and accident insurance
  • individual and group health insurance


  • SALE and Contact with the client

    • analysis of customer needs, comparison of products of one or a number of insurance companies
    • flexible product calculators
    • efficient and quick issuing of policies digitally with the possibility of printing paper documentation or send e-mail policy
    • ability to place in the system any number of products, including calculators and descriptions of policies
  • Life of policy

    • the use of web services: full automation of processes indicating the immediate registration of the policyholders and their transfer to systems of Insurance Company
    • full management of the 360-degree portfolio of products
    • search policies by selected key
    • reminders of expiring policies and unpaid ones
    • after-sales operations: renewal, amendment and cancellation of a policy
  • Building relations with clients

    • 360 degrees portfolio of clients
    • full management of portfolio of clients with the option of supplementing and amending of data on a regular basis
    • an insight into the history of purchases at any time
    • the possibility of access to selected customers with the option to build and operate their own profiles of insurance
    • access to full sales documentation
    • monitoring of the claims
  • Creating and minitoring of sales network

    • construction of sales network with the option of insight into the activities of employees
    • current reporting of changes occurring in the network, including the effects of sales
    • the ability to define tasks online with the option of settling them
    • aesthetic layout and intuitive operation
    • work both online and offline
  • Work and charges

    • a list of policies issued and outstanding commission
    • defining sales plans and progress
    • the ability to view and subscription billing documents