Business Intelligence

Modern companies collect vast amounts of data, however, they are able to process only a small percentage of them. The most common headache for businesses is the lack of standardization of information and interpretation, which in turn transfers into a loss of profits. Business Intelligence systems respond to the analytical needs of contemporary enterprises, and convert the collected data into knowledge, which means profits.

In today's world, where technological advances mean increased competitiveness, Business Intelligence systems are beginning to play a key role in the company. However, they could not exist without the latest technology as they need massive computing power to process vast amount of data. 

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BI ITIS Systems is a software developed by our company and dedicated to the insurance industry. Designed to create detailed reports and transparent analysis of sales, as well as to compile data on Customer behavior or actions of Partners and Brokers.

Our systems allow you to compare the results of the sale of specific products or groups thereof. They also analyze processes of selected insurance based on the selected factor, such as time of year, age of Customers, their place of residence and history of claims.

BI ITIS Systems is an essential tool for managerial staff, supporting key decisions in the daily management of the sales network, Partners and Clients.

  • Behavior analysis of customers

    • analysis of the purchasing behavior
    • analysis due to the season or any other sales factor
    • popularity rankings of individual products due to age,
      sex or any other desired option
    • dynamic analysis reports available in real time   

    • daily detailed reports and analysis based on the selected factor
    • the most important information available immediately  
    • comprehensive reports or based on  the specific processes and issues
    • detailed reports on selected time intervals
    • comparing the sales of specific products in selected periods
    • control of execution of sales plans


  • Trends analysis

    • immediate knowledge of the most popular products in a given sector
    • detailed process analysis and of  current trends
    • analysis of the full life cycle of policy
    • comparative analysis of selected periods
    • immediate information about the Partners and their financial results

Our products have visually appealing layout and easy access through the Internet browser. We always start the implementation process from analyzing the expectations and needs of our Customers. We provide full training package for staff and post-implementation support. Why our Business Intelligence solutions are so important in the development of the insurance industry says Daniel Skolimowski.


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What is Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence?