Modern technology seems to be a new sales space for the insurance industry. This ability to reach the Customer through the electronic options, also revolutionizes  the market and makes its impact on the competitive operation of enterprises.

Our company provides the insurance industry tools that enable following those trends. We also offer new spaces for development now and in the future. The issue is all the more noteworthy that according to the study of consumer behavior, Customers in Poland will increasingly choose the Internet when deciding on purchasing policies. Although traditional sales methods will remain mail channels of distribution and contact with the Clitents. 

Therefore, our e-commerce products is a wide range of solutions that we adapt to dedicated  needs.


What can we offer?

  • modern portals with the option of selling policies
    With the Clients’ layout, colors, typography and logos. Number of tabs adapted to specific needs. Separate tabs for product and calculators. Plus visible contact panel.

  • tailor-made B2B solutions and cross-selling
    Needed wherever businesses meet.

  • dedicated portals that support a specific product or group of products
    Which significantly improves handling policies and circulation of dedicated documents. It also ensures automation of the collection and transmission of data.

We are happy to meet our business Partners to discuss concrete solutions and sales opportunities. Our employees are experts in  fields of IT and insurance. Our knowledge is supported by years of experience and realized projects. Therefore, we always offer help and business advice.